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Beyond Self -challenge TiTA Series

At the end of a busy day, you are exhausted when you got home, and inexplained negative emotions suddenly broke out. Thinking about the heroes be your envious goal and the life you desire for. Many times people try to make change yourself, and turn into as a leadership of the future. The goal of life is here. Now, let the aerobic exercise-Go-Elliptical fully funcitional fitness center-level equipment accompany you to exercise, focus on the goal, and overcome through every obstacle in life

Challenge the limits of oneself, pursue excellence, more and more demanding ! GO ELLIPTICAL TITA series cross traineris designed for No matter how strong or tall you are, you can achieve a smooth and comfortable ride on our VST elliptical trainer with a simple adjustment to stride length. Go-elliptical will not only be a perfect fit for you but also suitable for the whole family, it creates advanced motion elliptical cross trainer, Strengthen the musle bones, stride ergonomic standard and the best biomechanics level, with exclusive worldwide patent , and Stride Differentiation System, this machine with revolutionary design can provide a gym-level aerobic workout experience in the comfort of your own home

Improve Life-VENA Series

With the sun shining on your face, you wake up and stating workout for a 5, 10, and 30-minute aerobic elliptical cross-training exercise at the corner of the room. After that, you dress up in formal costum and confort the challenge of the day with a smile and confidence!

Whether you ever planned to go to the gym for exercise?
But always make excuse. For instance; (being lazy on rainy days, boring in class, lai bed in the morning, too far from the gym… etc.), there are thousands of reasons.
By having such a streamlined body framework and full spec with stride system, this machine can provide a gym-level aerobic workout experience in the comfort of your own home. It is a low-impact aerobic fitness equipment suitable for everybody (adults) in the family and it is worthy for all your family member!

Lightweight Warm-up Exercise Series

YOGA is the best exercise for precipitation the mind, relax stress and meditation and then focus on self-communication.
Foot Pedal Rally is the most suitable for carry on anywhere if you need and you are be able to stretch your body at anytime and anywhere. Whatever with colleagues, classmates, friends, between the family members, Foot Pedal Rally not only a good competitive game with each other, but also the simplest for leisure activity of oneself oh!

PER® Yoga Mat patented trademark products are 100% made in Taiwan, and it is also the world’s leading yoga mat and anti-slip solution. The product passed the Oeko-Tex test (non Toxic Aaterial). Green environmental protection and health safety are always our top priority and concern.