Go-Elliptical Fitness Assembly

Go−Elliptical Fitness Assembly

Go−elliptical are easy to assemble and can be completed with the help of the manual in about 30−40
minutes. An Allen Wranch is included to assist you and screwdriver is the only other tool necessary.
Most of the assembly is simply puting the necessary pieces in place and tightening them for security.

The 2.0 Meter extra long cable attachments go together, it’s compatible with any MP3 player or IPOD.
Just hook on the music player with the build−in cable and enjoy the music from either the speakers or
the build−in earphone.

The owner’s manual has step by step diagrams, Read all precautions and instructions in the owner’s
manual before using the equipment, keep the owner’s manual for future reference.

Go−Elliptical Fitness Owner’s Manuals

TiTA Series:
Vena Series:
Console Manual: #550 Console Manual 
Assembly Diagram: