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USD 1,428.00

  • Unit Dimensions ( L*W*H) inch/cm Footprint 168*84*175 cm / 66*33*69 inch
  • 19″ to 23″ Manual adjustable stride length (VST) LED Stride Board Combine with Cooling Fan
  • 0-24 Resistance Level Special Toggle Switch Quick Adjustment System with Fixed Handlebar
  • 0-24 Pre-set Workout Program & Unlimited Custom Work Program
  • Build in Re-Charge facilities for all the Tablet equipment–iphone/IPAD
  • Infinite & Diverging Handlebars for the five most commonly used hand positions
  • Quiet magnetic resistance,special belt drive, inertia load 25kg speed ration 1:12.7
  • Pre-Install Music Power Audio System, MP3/IPOD Compatible System


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T 700px 6

The T-700PX elliptical offers a large adjustable stride length using the patented Variable Adjustable Stride (VST).

The Go Elliptical T-700PX offers a manual adjustable stride from 19” to 23”allowing users to open up their stride to comfortably simulate running.

T 700px 2

The large variation of programs makes every workout new and exciting. The intuitive computer provides a large 7” color LCD readout displaying the program profile, time, speed, distance, pulse and calories.

The adjustable cooling fan provides a cool breeze during your workout.

Stride adjustment light board LED display.

T 700px 3

For added comfort and muscle isolation, the Go Elliptical T-700PX elliptical has multi-position handlebars and oversized 17½” pedals. The pedals are adjustable from 0 to 6 degrees, removing stress and pressure from the feet, ankles and knees.

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The T-700PX elliptical is also equipped with a USB charging port to charge your multimedia device while you work out. For ease of use, adjust the resistance from the stationary handlebars or use either the contact heart rate sensors or wireless heart rate to view your pulse (chest belt transmitter additional purchase).

Bottle holder as a platform for smart phone.

A FREE equipment mat is included! The mat will help protect the unit and your flooring.