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    GO-W1 Yoga Mat

    • The PER (Polymer Environmental Resin) is an eco-friendly patented material which offers a flexible range of fabrics and matting, that is High Density Workout Mat for Yoga, Pilates & Floor Exercises, 72″ x 24″ x 1/4″.
    • Our products contains no heavy metals, non-phenol, non PAHS, non-phthalate and is entirely latex and rubber free. It is certified to Oeko-Tex Standards Class-1 Baby Articles and US FDA approved by SGS.
    • our most durable mat, the professional yoga mat is designed to stand up to the most vigorous practice. Great elasticity and suitable support density to protect you during your Yoga pratice.
    • We provide a standard double-layer yoga mat for use, which is the most worthwhile two-toner color yoga mat, which can meet the needs of beginners and professional users. The most popular textured styles include “common style/Smooth or Grid”.
    • Using Go-Elliptical Yoga Mat Fitness Exercise Mat to warm up, and always following your steps to exercise, exercise the whole body muscles to improve blood circulation, Strengthen Core Muscles.

    USD 48.99USD 58.99
  • Foot Pedalen01

    GO-W2 Foot Pedal Resistance Pull over Band _ 4 Tube

    • High-quality-our 4-tube pedal fitness rope is made of environmentally friendly TPE foam is a material with high elasticty, high strength, high resillence of rubber, non-toxic and safe, soft touch health for the body. The handle and foot pedal are made of NBR, the surface is crusted,soft feel, good elasticity, high strength, smooth surface. This foot pedal telescopic belt is very light and easy to carry, it is perfect for Muscle Strength Training in homes, offices and even many private environments.
    • This is the perfect design for “muscle strength training”-a perfectly suitable hand design helps to capture the soft foam handle and increase the range of motion. Warm up before exercise and reduce the risk of injury, and reduce pain after exercise. Reduce stress and improve joint flexibility and mobility.
    • 4-tube resistance band pull rope fitness exercise equipment. Muscle strength training and leg press exercises; easily and safely adjust and tighten legs and arms, and relax the upper part. Help strengthen the deltoid muscle of the shoulder, strengthen the front side of the deltoid muscle, strengthen the muscle strength of the biceps and triceps, the front of the thigh, the buttocks
    • With this foot pedal resistance band, you’ll want to throw away the dumbbells and never do a normal sit-up again. Used with a yoga mat and exercise ball, you can accomplish a variety of arm, shoulder, abdominal, and leg exercises at home anytime.
    • Using Go-Elliptical Foot Pedal Resistance Band to warm up, and always following your steps to exercise, exercise the whole body muscles to improve blood circulation, Strengthen Core Muscles .

    USD 16.96USD 18.36
  • 專賣店 (3 4)move Fit(3000x1600 Px)

    GO-01 Wireless Chest Belt

    • 5KV Compatible Wireless Chest Belt
    • This device does not support ” ANT+ “

    USD 64.00