Product Description-TiTA Series

Product Description-TiTA Series
2017-09-14 go_admin

Product Description- TiTA Series

Technical Innovation

Go-Elliptical is a next generation elliptical trainer. Under the R & D process of our German engineer team, this machine is only 47” in length and 26” in width. By having such a streamlined framework and with the worldwide-patented adjustable stride length technology, Go-Elliptical is the perfect fit for every family member and your home.


Go-Elliptical is ergonomically designed to achieve a permanent level of t without keeping raising the pedal incline degree. This compact-size elliptical trainer with Variable Stride Length- VST System has the greatest flexibility in stride length with the least amount of space. It only needs 56 to 58 inches of space. It’s a more than 40% savings in oor space compared to brand name units with a smaller adjustable range.

Music Power Audio System,
Built-In Mobile Phone / iPad Charging Capability

The Music Power audio system with high quality speakers and subwoofer plays your favorite music while you work out, just hook on the music player with the build-in cable and enjoy the music from either the speakers or the build-in earphone.

8″ LED Touch Panel Console / 5LED Indicator Stride Length

Go-Elliptical comes with a large LED touch panel display console. It has 12 preset programs with total of 24 digital resistance levels adjustment. The “Random” function provides unlimited programs to select. The stride length special LED indicator system connected between the adjustment system and console by 5 LED lights to display the selected stride length in use.

EX-VST Variable Stride System

The front stride length adjuster has a VST arrow to guide the user to select from 5 different stride lengths for exercise with comfort. For user with all kinds of height, you can achieve a smooth and comfortable ride on EX/VST elliptical trainer with a simple adjustment to stride length. With our noise-reduction technology, you may even feel like you’re walking on the air.

At GO-elliptical, it is our mission to build the most versatile yet affordable elliptical cross trainers without sacri cing utility/performance and comfort for the whole family. After years of research and development, we have perfected an patented adjustable stride length technology ergonomically designed to achieve a level of fit with biomechanics without keeping on raising the pedal incline degrees– the way you move – never before seen on the market.

Simply put, the worldwide patented VST (Variable Stride Length) system of our EX series provides the largest range of adjustable stride lengths without raising the incline degree of the foot pedals and increasing the size of the machine and lost the best biomechanics level [Some technical bits about stride length?] No matter how tall you are, you can achieve a smooth and comfortable ride on our EX/VST elliptical trainer with a simple adjustment to stride length. Moreover, with our noise-reducing technology, you may even feel like you are walking on air.

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Here at GO-elliptical, we understand the thrill of being able to hop on a top-of-the-line elliptical trainer and get a high intensity, low impact workout in the comfort of your own home. We also realize that as much as you will come to enjoy working out on GO-elliptical trainers, you do not want us to be the centerpiece of your home.

No need to worry! GO-elliptical’s EX /VST series is so compact in size that you can have the greatest exibility in stride length with the least amount of space (Need only 1.2 to 1.3 meters of space, a 40 % saving in oor space compared to brand name units with a smaller adjustable range).

On the market, we often see brand name adjustable elliptical trainers increase stride length by making the machine bulkier and adding inappropriately large degree of incline to the foot pedals. With our revolutionary and globally patented VST (Variable Stride Length) system, you will no longer need to sacri ce space and comfort to achieve the most optimum stride length. Go-elliptical will not only be a perfect fit for you and your family but also for your home.

GO-elliptical VST series attached a length of 2.0m of headsets, LCD control panel with the instrument in the pre-installed (MP3/IPOD) blending in with AUDIO systems and pre- loaded high quality of high/subwoofer (Speaker) play your favorite music/songs, or with long headphone, or with 2.0M length of headphone cable follow by rhythm and exercise to enjoy music, recreational exercise provide the best environment for the whole health equipment.

GO-elliptical with the worldwide patented VST-variable stride length
Selections and Compact size unit-a perfect t for the Family members and your home A patented revolutionary compact Cross-Trainer of great exibility for the modern family


The super-size pedals are supported by special designed heavy-duty square tube with cover. The ergo club-type upper-body arm handlebars with soft grip enable user to step on with most biomechanical position for exercising. The upper-body arms provide a great total body workout and increase cardio bene ts. It’ll help you to burn more calories and tone your muscle. Users no longer need to face the high footstep position as regular model on the market.

Fit for The Whole Family

This is a low-impact aerobic tness equipment can provide a gym-level workout and great for everybody in the comfort of your home.